More than Marriage

/ Savannah, GA

We have been looking forward to releasing this video ever since the day we shot Stephen and Shannon’s wedding. Obviously every wedding is different because every couple is different. However, every once in a while a family in a particularly unique situation gives us the chance to truly tell a story unlike any we’ve told before. For instance, we’ve never had a reception that included an adoption! Many marriage ceremonies mention the possibility of children in the future. But it’s so cool to not only see two people committing themselves to each other as husband and wife, but also as parents to a child standing by their side. (Side note: Hayden could arguably be the cutest best man of all time). There’s always bliss in the air on wedding days, but Shannon and Stephen’s day had an especially joyful dynamic to it. The ceremony was held at St Anne Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, GA, which we love. The intimate sanctuary has the feel of a small southern church from a generation gone by. Many of the more traditional churches around Savannah tend to be pretty dark on the inside, but with tall, clear windows all around ceremonies at St Anne always have a more bright look. The ceremony was followed by another knockout location for the reception. Garibaldi’s has long been a staple restaurant in downtown Savannah, but their grand ballroom is anything but ordinary. Mirrored walls and vaulted ceilings make the room feel so open and bounce all of this delicious golden light all over the place.
Again, Shannon and Stephen, we had a blast shooting your wedding! Your families really welcomed us and made us feel like guests as opposed to vendors. Congratulations and we hope you enjoy this video for years to come!