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10 Downing at Churchill's Wedding and Reception

10 Downing at Churchill's Wedding and Reception

Savannah, GA

This is definitely a generalization, but we've been doing this for a few years now and over time you can't help but notice trends. Typically when it comes to brides and grooms, brides have an easier time opening up and articulating their emotions on their wedding day. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were when Rich, whom we would typically peg as the strong, silent type, shared with us this incredible poem that he wrote for Ryann. We knew we wanted to open their highlight with it because poetry makes the film intrinsically more artistic. When both the bride and the groom put their thoughts and feelings into their own words as Ryann and Rich did, it goes such a long way in giving the highlight film.

Rich and Ryann, thank you for opening yourselves up and allowing us to capture your special day. From your vows to each other to your dances with Ryann's grandma to course after course of delicious food, your day was beautiful and so much fun. Congrats!

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