Michael + Christina

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Lutheran Church of the Ascension and the Collins Quarter

Lutheran Church of the Ascension and the Collins Quarter

Savannah, GA

When we first met Michael and Christina at a coffee shop downtown, we instantly clicked. They are the kind of people who really savor every moment together. Couples like that naturally make excellent footage because there's nothing fake about them. At some point over coffee one of us asked these sweethearts how they met. After giving each other a "Do we tell them the whole story? Alright now we have to tell them the whole story" look, they hit us with a tale that will make you believe in destiny. It had everything: growing up just miles apart but never knowing each other, a serendipitous meeting in a coffee shop, an exchange of numbers, and a phone call later that night that lasted for hours. I mean come on. It doesn't get better than that.

It was also really cool to hear how Savannah has been intertwined in their relationship over the years. For instance, during one of their first trips to the city, Michael and Christina stopped by a walk up window at a newly-opened coffee shop called the Collins Quarter. Some time later they came back to Savannah and found that the coffee shop had beefed up its kitchen to become a popular lunch spot. Later still, they returned to find a dinner menu that rivaled any of the best fine dining in downtown Savannah. They felt like they had seen the Collins Quarter grow as they grew in their relationship. Naturally it was their top choice when it came time to choose a reception location. As a videographer, you can't ask for more than a crowd of family and friends connecting, laughing, and celebrating over delicious food at candle-lit tables. And if the food wasn't enough, the icing on the cake (pun totally intended) is a couple that is so genuinely in love and not afraid to show it. Grab a coffee with Michael and Christina and I guarantee you you'll leave with two new great friends.