John and Karla’s 25th Anniversary

/ Savannah, GA

Well this one is pretty special. Karla approached us back in December with an idea. She told us that she and John would be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in May and wondered if we could help surprise John with a video. As we discussed what the scope of the video would be, it soon became clear that we wanted to do this thing right and go big. The tricky thing was going to be keeping John in the dark. We knew we would have access to the VHS of their wedding video and tons of family pictures without John’s knowledge, but getting an interview of the two of them about the past 25 years of marriage would really give us the meat of the video we wanted to make. The question was how do we get John to agree to be interviewed without him knowing we’re making a video specifically to celebrate his 25th anniversary. And so a rouse was born. Our church had just started a sermon series through the book of Ephesians. Since Ephesians ends with a big section on marriage, we used that as a diversion. We “reached out” to see if they would be interested in helping us make a video for the church. We were worried he would get suspicious at some point, but luckily we were just convincing enough. Will John ever help us with any church projects ever again? Probably not 🙂 But for such a special celebration, we think it was worth it. John and Karla, you guys are such an encouragement to us and a great example of what a strong marriage looks like. Here’s to the next 25 years!