Blake + Ciara

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Sanctuary Golf Course (our first Denver wedding!)

Sanctuary Golf Course (our first Denver wedding!)

Denver, CO

We've been looking forward to releasing this video pretty much since the day Blake and Ciara booked us. Obviously we were excited about shooting in Colorado, but more than that, Blake and Ciara were one of those couples for whom video was a big priority. And that really makes our job so much more creatively enjoyable. They were so flexible and willing to take our suggestions and run with them (or more accurately climb/hike with them). One nice thing about shooting weddings in destinations other than Savannah is that we have more time to get that extra icing-on-the-cake footage. Because we were there the whole weekend, there wasn't the normal pressure to capture everything within the time constraints of a wedding day timeline. The audio and video we recorded outside of the wedding day rounds out the video to give you a more complete picture of Blake and Ciara as a couple.

The ceremony and reception both took place at the Sanctuary Golf Course just outside of Denver. It was great to get away from the city and have the Rockies as an ever present backdrop. It's a long flight, but we would give anything to book another Denver wedding soon. You can't beat a newlywed couple on one of the happiest days of their lives watching the sun set over the mountains.

Congratulations Blake and Ciara! We hope you enjoy this film for many years to come!