Smithonia Farms Wedding

/ Athens, GA

A couple like Kyle and Kathleen Krafka are a wedding videographer’s dream. Video was one of their highest priorities for their wedding. They were willing to take any and every suggestion we had to make the video better, and their attitudes were nothing but positive. Not too mention that they’re both beautiful people who love each other very much and they got married at a beautiful location. For this wedding we took the back country drive up to Athens, GA and the Smithonia Farms. We had perfect weather.

Early on I could tell that audio was an important thing to Kyle and Kathleen. They had such beautiful custom vows that I knew I wanted to do something special with them. They even recorded a few extra things for me to really create a layered canvas of dialogue. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve put together. The songs also help to carry you through the emotions of the day. They spent so much of their time with just us and the photographer on that day. Obviously they were getting to spend time together, but it went a long way in making this video all that it is. Enjoy this emotional day with the Krafkas. I promise you’ll like them as much as I do when you’re done. Kyle and Kathleen, we wish you the very best!