A Gorgeous Museum Reception

/ Savannah, GA

It’s no secret Savannah has a plethora of great locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Once again our job was made easy by Chip and Katherine’s decision to have their reception in the absolutely gorgeous Telfair Museum. At first a museum reception might seem a little out of the box, but there are several reasons why they make excellent locations to celebrate a new marriage. For starters, it’s a museum’s job to make sure every square inch of the space looks stunning. No matter where we pointed our cameras, the frame was filled with beautiful paintings or sculptures. The artwork not only looks great, but it also provides a certain weight that is fitting for a wedding day. Unless it’s a museum of modern art, odds are most of the pieces will point people back in time, sometimes decades or even centuries. The artwork has stood the test of time and tells us something about our culture, and in a lot of ways marriage does the same thing. But if all that tradition is too stuffy for you, perhaps my last point will resonate better. Sometimes museums can be uncomfortable for people because they feel like they’re walking on egg shells. If you feel like every time you go to a museum the staff are constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re not being too loud and not touching anything, imagine how awesome it would be to bring in a live band and throw a huge dance party (with glow necklaces!). Thanks to Chip and Katherine for such a fun wedding day. Congratulations!