“Two great adventurers coming together”

/ Savannah, GA

I’m pretty sure we were grinning all day long at Sarah and Joe’s wedding. There is always a wide range of emotions on wedding days and those emotions manifest themselves in different ways for every couple. For these two that looked like a giddiness that translated so well to video, and you just can’t help but smile when you watch. Just listen to the excitement in their voices when they see each other for the first time! There’s no doubt these two are in love. Sarah’s sister said it best when she said Sarah and Joe are two adventurers coming together. If you aren’t already won over by the couple, I’ve saved the best personal tidbit for last. Even though their wedding happened in March, Sarah asked us to wait to release the video until Joe got back from a deployment from the Army, which of course we were happy to do.
The ceremony took place at Brockington Hall in downtown Savannah. We’ve shot a couple weddings there before, but never a ceremony on the front steps. In true southern style, the guests were all seated on the front porch. The landing between the two flights of stairs made for the perfect little stage. From there the guests were able to walk right inside to an awesome cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party.