We create quality videos that
capture the joy of your favorite moments.

Tim Kurtz

Co-founder / Wedding Videographer

Bert Jolley

Co-founder / Wedding Videographer

I Thee Film is a full-service wedding videography studio out of Savannah, GA. We both take great joy in capturing life through video and couldn’t think of a better way to do that than wedding videography.

Because we’re both happily married, we understand the importance of your wedding day. A good Savannah wedding videographer is not the easiest wedding vendor to find. With I Thee Film you know you’re getting the quality you pay for. Contact us now so we can capture one of the most important days of your life on film.

Their work speaks for itself but I for one am so glad we found them

- Ben

Full-service Production

Do you really want to watch and re-watch all 9+ hours of your wedding day? We didn’t think so. Just like in a feature film, we take hours and hours of footage and compress it into to a touching and heartfelt edits of your wedding day. Each package offers something a little different. Contact us for any additional details of everything that we offer.

Quality Equipment

High quality equipment plays a large role in high quality videos.  You don’t want your wedding videographer using the same equipment as your Uncle Joe. (Unless he also happens to be an amazing wedding videographer.) We make it a priority to use the best equipment possible for capturing all of your special moments, and we’re always looking to improve what we have. If there’s ever anything we don’t have and think we’ll need, we’ll rent it at no cost to you.

Straightforward Pricing

We offer one all-inclusive package priced at $4500. We’ve spent years developing the perfect package to film your wedding.  Request our package details for more information.

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