Wedding at the Westin

/ Savannah, GA

If you’ve ever been to Savannah, odds are you visited the historic River Street. Furthermore, at some point you probably looked across the water and saw the towering Westin hotel. That’s exactly where Michael and Lorna had their wedding and we couldn’t be happier with their choice. From a visual standpoint, having their ceremony right on the water provided great depth for all of our shots – not to mention the brick and cobblestone of Savannah’s river front made such a wonderful backdrop. Even though the day was somewhat overcast, those gray and blue tones in the sunlight really allowed the reds in the flowers and dresses to pop. At the end of the day, you can have all the right technical elements, but what really makes a great wedding video are the couple at the center of it and their family and friends. It’s so clear that Michael and Lorna are best friends and we’re so thankful they allowed us to capture their Westin Hotel wedding. Congratulations guys!

  • Michael Martin

    A special thanks goes out to I Thee Films. The crew was very professional and attentive. Its amazing how they could catch so many memorable moments in such short period of time. We highly recommend this group for that special event or occasion.

  • Quinecy McGhee

    Congrats just simply beautiful

  • Larry and Cassandra Grant Franklin

    Many, many congratulations!! May your love for one another last a lifetime!! Sincere blessings and best wishes…forever!

  • Kevin L Billingslea Sr

    Guys blees your union forever in the eyes of the LORD Cograts!