Tying the Knot

/ Savannah, GA

At a recent wedding we shot, we were able to help the groom with his bow tie. Neither of us have actually ever worn a bow tie, but we’ve been around enough wedding parties where the guys are youtubing bow tie tying tutorials that we’ve picked up the basics and are aware of common mistakes (we’ve also seen our fair share of dress bustlings if your bridesmaids need any help). Allan and Evan’s video starts with something way better than a youtube tutorial. Allan himself attempts to demonstrate a classic knot for some of his groomsmen. The scene sets a great tone for how relaxed and fun-loving this whole wedding party was. The love that Allan and Evan have for each other was so easy to capture. Not to mention all of the aesthetic elements made this a beautiful Autumn wedding. Check out those cascading bouquets!
Congratulations Allan and Evan! Thanks for allowing us to capture you guys tying the knot!