Spectacular Ford Plantation Wedding

/ Savannah, GA

Just outside of Savannah, GA, along the final miles of the Ogeechee river before it reaches its final destination in the Atlantic ocean, you’ll find one of the most immaculate community’s on Georgia’s coast, the Ford Plantation. The main house you see in the video was built by none other than Henry Ford which gave the eventual development its name. Zoe & Christopher had a dream Ford Plantation wedding amongst the perfectly manicured grounds. From the balconies of the charming main house your view is filled with magnificent oak trees lining the high bluff above the river that spills into the coastal marsh. You can get lost just taking in your surroundings.

A Ford Plantation wedding might not be our typical wedding video, but it’s a privilege to film at such a great venue. Zoe & Christopher fit perfectly with their surroundings. Zoe in beautiful and elegant dress. Christopher in a fitting tuxedo. The ceremony & reception both took place on the bluff overlooking the river. Every detail was thought of and nothing was overlooked.

This wedding video not only shows off the location but also offers some great advice told by their officiant and friend. It’s advice that can help a marriage last a lifetime and we would have to agree. 10 simple rules for successful marriage. Take a moment to relive a small part of their unforgettable wedding day. You won’t regret it.

Thank you Zoe & Christopher for including us in the fun!