“Some things never change. . .”

/ Savannah, GA

Wedding videography is such a cool craft because by putting together a bunch of moments from throughout the wedding day, you really start to see the essence of the day, the couple’s family, and most importantly the couple themselves. We have a deep respect for the art of photography, and to do our job well we have to have photographer eyes. However, a wedding day is more than just a single moment. It’s a series of moments that together tell a story as unique as the individuals coming together to form a new and equally unique family. Hearing Kate’s dad tell a story from when she was born to seeing them share a brief look just before they walk down the aisle packs so much heart and life into just a couple minutes.
Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to one of the best reception locations downtown Savannah has to offer. The Ships of the Sea Museum not only let Ben and Kate’s guests walk through their exhibits during cocktail hour, and not only do they have a great space for a hoppin’ dance party, but how beautiful is that garden the couple walks through at the end of the video!?
Congratulations to Ben and Kate! We hope you enjoy your wedding film for many years to come!