Savannah River Sunset


We generally seem to always have good weather on the day of our weddings. Sometimes there might be a little scare of rain or it might be a slightly cold or hot, but never anything serious. On the day of Kayla & Scott’s wedding I was honestly worried we weren’t going to have a ceremony. The plan was for an outdoor wedding underneath the oak tree behind the Savannah Yacht Club with the well known harbor as a backdrop. Less than an hour before the wedding it was a white out with rain. Luckily, we had already gotten great individual footage with both the bride and groom, but we had yet to film anything with both of them together since they weren’t seeing each other before the ceremony. Miraculously, as quickly as the rain had started it was over revealing the most beautiful afternoon. Everyone went into overdrive wiping rain off chairs and placing covers. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Afterwards we were able to capture some of my favorite footage out on the docks with Scott & Kayla together. As the sun set slowly over the river, the footage kept looking better and better.

Thank you Scott & Kayla for allowing us to be part of your special day. It was and honor to film your wedding. We wish you both the best!