Savannah Railroad Museum

/ Savannah, GA

We always love shooting a good Savannah railroad museum wedding because it’s where 50% of I Thee Film got married. However, we will always remember Christine and Bobby not just because of where they got married, but because of how fun they were as a couple. It’s great for our footage when brides and grooms can make each other laugh, but it’s an added bonus when they keep us chuckling all day too. The words Bobby and Christine wrote to each other demonstrate their unique personalities while the toasts given at their reception paint a picture of their identity as a couple. As if we didn’t already love these two enough, Christine recently started doing floral design and wedding planning herself (shouts). If you need any evidence of what a boss she is at that kind of thing, look no further than her own bouquet! We honestly thought all of the floral arrangements were some of the best we’ve seen all year. Bobby and Christine, we know you guys are going to keep putting smiles on each other’s faces for many years to come and we hope this video does the same. Congratulations!