Savannah Golf Club Wedding and Reception

/ Savannah, GA

We met John and Sarah in person for the first time at a coffee shop just a few days before their wedding. We knew right off the bat that these two were going to be a ton of fun to work with. The genuine friendship we saw between them that night is clearly displayed in the sweet letters that the two of them wrote each other on their wedding day. One advantage to having the prep, ceremony, and reception all in the same location is that it’s a little easier for us to pick up some of those intimate moments. John and Sarah had a beautiful Savannah Golf Club wedding and reception surrounded by family and friends. This wedding had the perfect balance of things being formal and elegant while still maintaining a relaxed southern charm. One cool feature of their day that we absolutely loved was that they had a live event painter (shouts to Elaine Burge). She showed up a couple hours before the ceremony started to get the basics of the location onto the canvas. Then during the ceremony she added all of the finishing touches. We knew something so intrinsically artistic with such a clear process would easily lend itself to being threaded throughout the edit. What an awesome keepsake for John and Sarah to keep for the rest of their lives.
John and Sarah, we hope you enjoy reliving your big day. Here’s to many more years of happiness together!