Our First Customers

/ Savannah, GA

In this video you’ll see that Sean and Kati are an amazing couple and absolute best friends, but they are especially dear to our heart for a reason you wouldn’t otherwise know without some backstory. Fun fact: Sean and Kati were actually some of our very first customers. I’ll explain. Way back in the summer of 2013, Bert and I officially launched this company. It was a new adventure we were embarking on and we desperately in need of couples who were willing to take a chance on a new wedding videography company without much of a portfolio. I’d have to go back and fact check this, but I really think Sean and Kati were literally the first couple to contact us. We were so pumped. We put ourselves out there and someone actually contacted us! Sometimes it’s the little things. Their wedding was going to be in April of 2014 and so in the fall of 2013 we set up a time to meet when they were going to be in town so that we could get to know them better and go over the details of their day. It turns out they had a couple surprises for us when we met them downtown at Moon River Brewing Co. For starters, Sean and Kati are an Army couple and as many Army couples sometimes it makes things more convenient to get married sooner rather than later. So it turns out these guys were already hitched. They assured us this meeting wasn’t a break up with us and the ceremony was still going to happen. However, it wasn’t going to be happening in April. That’s where surprise number 2 comes in. They were expecting their first child! We were so excited for them and more than willing to accommodate the date change. Fast forward to this summer and it really was like we were doing the wedding of some old friends. On that day it was so cool for us to reflect back to all that’s happened since Sean and Kati first booked us. On top of all of that back story, the whole day was totally beautiful. They were married at the always-stunning fountain at Forsyth. Their reception was held at the Charles Morris. There was such a beautiful spirit of celebration in the air. Not to mention, there is something so unique about celebrating a marriage that has already been going strong for two years. Seeing them interact with their precious son further reminds you that it’s not just a celebration of a single day, but it truly is a celebration of a commitment between Sean and Kati for life. To Sean and Kati, we can’t thank you enough for being some of the first people to take a chance on us. It was an absolute pleasure and we hope you enjoy this video for many, many years to come!