An Oklahoma Wedding

/ Durant, OK

Earlier this summer I traveled to one of my favorite states: Oklahoma. Everyone reading this who is not from Oklahoma is going to think this is totally stereotypical (and, frustratingly, you’re right), but a couple hours after my plane landed so did the widest tornado ever recorded. Feel free to imagine me in a couch cushion-lined hotel bathtub, listening to the cranked TV, desperately trying to recall my downtown Oklahoma City geography as Gary England tracked the storm’s path. Now imagine you are a young bride-or-groom-to-be and you have to wait and watch as your outdoor wedding location gets pounded with rain. Such was the case for my friends Kallie and Micah. But before you start thinking this is simply an Okie wedding sob story, you should know that this couple has some of the coolest family you’ll ever meet. Sure the ceremony couldn’t be where it was originally planned to take place, but with the help of some awesome family and friends, as well as a super flexible couple, everything went off without a hitch (well, there was one important “hitch” that took place). Micah, Kallie, and the incredible community around them made this wedding a blast to video. Congratulations to you both!