Method Man Wedding Vows

/ Savannah

I know it will be hard to believe, but this is actually the first time we’ve had Method Man wedding vows read at a ceremony. After hearing it, I’m actually surprised it’s not a regular occurrence. Words like “Shorty I’m there for you anytime you need me For real girl, it’s me in your world, believe me” really cut to the heart of the emotions of the day. Big props to the groomsmen for pulling this off secretly from the bride and groom. It’s obvious that Mike really enjoyed it.

Mike & Tao are the kind of people who ask you to stay around and party after you’re done working at their wedding for the night. They’re immediately welcoming, kind and comfortable people to be around and before the day’s over you feel like they’re old friends. We had a blast filming their wedding and trying to keep up with them the whole day.

Our day started out in the Savannah DeSoto Hilton hotel with a beautiful room overlooking the city. We spent some time with the girls there while they got ready for the day. From there it was over to the Whitman overlooking Forsyth park where the guys were preparing. For anybody looking for a great place to get ready before a wedding in downtown Savannah, you could definitely do a lot worse than the Whitman. Mike & Tao had their first look right around the corner and then we crossed the street to Forsyth Park for some great photos and video. For the ceremony we traveled back towards the DeSoto Hilton to Madison Square where they had beautifully decorated for the wedding. Whoever provided the decorations did an amazing job with everything from vintage chairs and pews to two antique doors that Tao passed through at the beginning of the aisle. Finally we made our way over to the Knights of Columbus off of Liberty St for the reception.

We really packed a lot of Savannah into one day and the diversity of amazing locations shines through in the video. From make up and hair with a view to walking through Foryth Park to Method Man wedding vows in Madison square, we enjoyed it all. Thank you Mike & Tao for planning an awesome wedding and allowing us to film it. Cheers!