Big skies and big country

/ McPherson, KS

This wedding video is first and foremost about the fantastic couple at the center of it: Michael and Julayne. They have been best friends for years and it is so easy to tell. They come from two incredible families that were so happy to celebrate with them. In a much smaller way, this video is also about I Thee Film. Before we had ever even shot a wedding, we had the privilege of being able to capture Michael’s proposal to Julayne. You can see that video here. A little over a year later we found ourselves in the middle of Kansas shooting their wedding. Just as it’s fun to go back to that first video and remember the moment Michael and Julayne became more than boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s similarly enjoyable to reminisce about a time when I Thee Film was just two guys with a couple cameras (that we had to borrow!). A year later, Michael and Julayne are ready to start their lives together as their own family and I Thee Film has grown faster than we could have ever imagined. Shooting Michael and Julayne’s Kansas wedding was such a treat for us. As much as we love coastal Georgia and think it’s a great place to get married (or to propose), it was a nice change of pace to be able to shoot some farm land with a wide open sky. Aside from the change of scenery, it was also such a joy to be able to look through the lens and see family on the other side.
Congratulations Michael and Julayne!