Jekyll Island Club Wedding


Where do I even begin in describing this wedding. How about this: There were over 30 mustaches in attendance at this destination Jekyll Island Club wedding in southern Georgia. Gates, the groom, sported a fine looking mustache and somehow convinced almost all of his friends to do the same. We, not being ones to ruin a party, luckily both had facial hair that we were able to manicure into acceptable form for the big day.

It was obvious to us from the beginning that Gates and Caroline were not going to be our typical wedding. The “first look” for the day consisted of Gates repeatedly dropping in on Caroline while she was getting ready to check in and discuss things. There was special bourbon flown in from Kentucky. The ceremony featured Gates brother, who also officiated, using a saber to cut the top off of a corked bottle of Dom Perignon. After the wedding, there were four separate reception locations for cocktail hour, dinner, dessert and dancing. Also, did I mention that there were mustaches everywhere? Unique things like this can really go a long way in making a video special and I think this one turned out amazing.

The weather for the day was perfect. The grounds at Jekyll Island Club were looking immaculate as always. Every detail and every decoration was on point. Oh yeah, and Caroline and Gates are both amazing dancers. Congratulations to to you both. Thanks for including us in many ways on your special day and thanks for making such a fun video possible.