Isle of Hope Wedding


The sun shined through the ancient sprawling oak trees. The Spanish moss blew playfully in the wind. Boats traveled up and down the river. It was a beautiful day, but one very common on Isle of Hope. David & Lora were married at the charming Isle of Hope United Methodist Church located in Savannah, GA. Located just a block from the river, the church has all the feel of a small low country chapel. With it’s white siding, high steeple, center aisle and solid wood pews your almost transported back to a different time. After a beautiful ceremony on the Isle, the wedding party and all the guests journeyed downtown to the Charles H. Morris center for the reception. David & Lora are truly two kind and caring individuals that treat everyone in such a manner that you feel like part of their close friends and family. They were both an absolute pleasure to work with, and we at I Thee Film wish them the best.