From the Philippines with love

/ Savannah, GA

In this business we’re constantly meeting new people and quickly but deeply getting to know their families’ identities. It’s a special treat (and honor) when those families hail from half way around the world and come from a culture so different from the one we grew up in. Don and Christine were a blast to work with. From the moment we arrived on the day of their wedding, it was clear this couple is surrounded by a solid community of family and friends. Everyone got ready in a beautiful historic house called the Whitman just off of Forsyth Park. Don and Christine opted not to see each other before the ceremony so for the most part the guys stuck to the downstairs level while the ladies stayed upstairs. However, no matter where you were in the house you could smell awesome things coming from the kitchen and hear the warm laughter of family and friends. Their ceremony blended a Catholic wedding mass with Filipino wedding traditions. The reception was held at the Mackey House (We’re becoming quite the regulars out there. For other weddings we’ve shot there, click here, here or here).
Best wishes to Don and Christine! Congratulations!