A Wedding at Congregation Mickve Israel with a DeSoto Hilton Reception

/ Savannah, GA

We could not have had more fun shooting Pam and Adam’s wedding! These two are so clearly each other’s best friend that you can’t help but smile when you’re around them because they make each other smile so easily. The day started with the ladies’ prep at the DeSoto Hilton. The views of historic downtown Savannah are just breathtaking from some of the hotel’s upper floors. The ceremony took place just one square down at the Congregation Mickve Israel temple. Adam and Pam’s vows again demonstrate their ability to make each other smile (I had to really restrain myself from titling this post “wedding video rick roll”). After the ceremony everybody traveled back up to one of the DeSoto’s spacious ball rooms to party the night away. From the Chucks on their feet to the TARDIS on the back of their cake, there were so many little examples of how Pam and Adam don’t take themselves too seriously. That tone naturally spilled over to the guests to create an atmosphere where everyone was able to relax and have fun.
Adam and Pam, we truly had a blast capturing your special day. We hope this video helps you relive it for many years to come!