Coastal Yacht Club Wedding

/ Savannah, GA

There are actually a lot of things that have to come together on a wedding day to really get great footage that shows off the bride and the groom. The weather has to cooperate, you need to have enough time planned to not be rushed, and you have to have a couple that’s on board with everything you want to do. Andrew and Shelley made it so easy to get great video and the weather couldn’t have been better. We also had plenty of time to explore the grounds of the Savannah Yacht Club in order to really capture that coastal Georgia feeling. It also doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful couple!

Although we started off the day at a nearby home on the marsh, the ceremony and reception were both held at the Savannah Yacht Club. The ceremony was out on the lawn under a magnificent live oak tree on the shore of the Wilmington River with the Savannah marsh in the distance. It really was the quintessential coastal yacht club wedding. We hope that Andrew and Shelley enjoy looking back on their special day for many years to come and that the love and emotion that can be so clearly seen here lasts for a lifetime.