Bethesda Wedding & Soho Reception


John & Morgan Greene were such a blast to work with. They both brought a real joy to the day and more importantly each other. It was fun to watch and capture on film how much they love each other’s company. Even between posing for pictures there were countless moments where they would get lost in each other’s company and forget what was happening in the world around them. For a videographer that translates into great footage.

We started the day at two separate historic Savannah homes where they each got prepared for the day. It’s always so nice when there’s ample room to spread out and get ready. It also helps out your wedding video. From downtown, we ventured out to the beautiful Whitefield Chapel at Bethesda. I never get tired of Bethesda weddings. It’s right on the marsh and there are live oak trees galore. Finally we made our way back downtown to Soho South cafe. It’s a great location to rent out the entire restaurant for your reception. It was a party to be remembered and we hope this video captures John & Morgan’s special day forever.

Congratulations to John & Morgan Greene! We at I Thee Film wish you both the best!