Isle of Hope Wedding and a Savannah Golf Club Reception

/ Savannah, GA

Michael and Jessica are such a sweet couple that have an authenticity about them that instantly makes you feel like you’re at home. They’re definitely not shy, but you get the vibe that if it wasn’t their wedding day, there’s no way they would want to be the center of attention. They were so easy to work with and we couldn’t have had a more enjoyable time shooting their big day. It makes sense that many of our wedding days start at salons or hotels because a lot of our customers are coming to Savannah from somewhere else. However, it really just sets a different tone when you’re able to start the day at the bride’s house. Everyone can exhale just a little bit deeper. Jessica and Michael were married at the Isle of Hope Methodist Church and had their reception at the Savannah Golf Club. Don’t get me wrong; just because Michael and Jessica are so chill doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have a good time. Their dance floor was one of the most energetic we’ve seen in a while. Congratulations to Michael and Jessica! We hope this video brings you guys joy for many years to come!