A Winter Wedding at St John the Baptist Cathedral

/ Savannah, GA

A huge part of the editing process is deciding what kind of music you’re going to put with a video. We pride ourselves on being able to find songs that really match the tone of a couple and their wedding day, but we also really like it when the couple finds the perfect song and sends it our way. The latter was the case with Jimmy and Katie and we could not be happier with how it turned out. While their day was filled with just as much excitement and energy as any normal wedding day would have, this peaceful, folksy song perfectly captures the winter season in which these two got hitched. We’ve said it before, but one thing that makes Savannah such a great place to get married is that we have nearly 12 months of great wedding weather. This was January and it was totally comfortable to have the windows open. We were also really excited to finally shoot a wedding at the beautiful St John the Baptist Cathedral. This church is a staple part of Savannah’s skyline and has a rich history in the city. We weren’t surprised at all to find that the inside is just as gorgeous as the outside. Congrats to Jimmy and Katie!