A Wedding at the Savannah Yacht Club

/ Savannah, GA

Whenever couples first contact us to ask about our availability, the large majority ask about dates in the 4-8 months out range. However there are always outliers. We’ve booked some weddings well over 12 months in advance, and other times couples contact us asking about our plans that weekend. Wesley and Jessica were a lot closer to that second group, but filming their wedding could not have been a sweeter midsummer surprise. The Savannah Yacht Club is always a gorgeous location, but as always, the couple makes this video something special. Wesley and Jessica were constantly making each other smile and laugh and their entire wedding party was so much fun to be around. We knew we had to open the video with Wesley’s sweet letter to Jessica even if she did do some self-editing!
As mentioned, ceremony and reception both took place at the Savannah Yacht Club and the early morning rain cleared up in plenty of time for the late afternoon ceremony. The Savannah Yacht Club always has such a quintessential Low Country feel to it. Savannah is an old city and the Yacht Club has plenty of history. Savannah is known for its marshes and mossy Live Oaks; again, the SYC delivers. Finally, Savannah has a long tradition of being a large port city and there’s nothing that makes you feel connected to the open seas like being surrounded by so many beautiful boats.
Congratulations to Wesley and Jessica!