A St John’s Episcopal Church wedding and a Savannah Yacht Club reception

/ Savannah, GA

You can’t grow up in Savannah and not love the water. Like, I’m pretty sure that’s a local ordinance or something. Not only did Jonathan and Meredith grow up in Savannah, but they were also high school sweethearts, so many of their fond memories on the water include each other. It’s always cool to capture a wedding that’s the culmination of a relationship that started when the bride and groom were in high school. Couples that have made the transition into adulthood together just seem to have a laid-back quality to them that comes naturally from years of friendship.
Jonathan and Meredith, thanks for being such a chill, fun-loving couple. You made our jobs super easy. We wish you both the best and we hope you enjoy this video for many years to come!