A Lovely St Simons Wedding

/ Savannah, GA

Kari and Thor’s wedding took us back to St Simons for the second time, and we can not be more happy that they booked us. Don’t get me wrong, a St Simons wedding video is going to be gorgeous period. Any time you can juxtapose shots of a bride walking down a chapel aisle with shots of her walking down the avenue of oaks in slow motion, that’s money. BUT the beautiful surroundings here really just serve as the backdrop to the love story featuring this super sweet couple. Funny how that always seems to be the case. On wedding days we’re always keeping an eye out for little moments or details that could be used in the editing room to pull the whole day together. Sometimes those moments end up working even better than we could have imagined. For instance, we knew we wanted to start the video with Kari reading the card Thor wrote her. It’s always nice opening a video with either a laugh or something sweet and the card delivers on both. However, by also including Kari unwrapping the gorgeous David Yurman bracelet Thor gave her, we then had something tangible that could be threaded throughout the entire video. We see the bracelet again on her wrist after she’s in her dress and holding her bouquet. We then see it once more when she wipes away a tear as Thor reads his wedding vows.
Another sweet moment that simply had to be trimmed for time was when Kari’s dad saw her in her wedding dress for the first time. Kari stood on one end of the room while her dad stood in the doorway with his eyes covered. We were in our positions ready to capture him opening his eyes and walking to Kari. However, as soon as he saw her, he had to step into the next room and regroup. That much made it in the final video. What you didn’t see was him catching his breath and trying one more time… and then walking back out. Then trying one more time… and walking back out again! So sweet.
Thor and Kari, it was an absolute pleasure and we hope you enjoy this video for many, many years to come! Congratulations!