You’ll laugh, you’ll cry at this classic Savannah wedding and reception

/ Savannah, GA

Allison and Trevor were such a great couple to work with. It makes our job super easy when a couple genuinely makes each other smile more than anyone else in the room. One thing that was important to the newlyweds was that their video highlighted both the seriousness of their commitment to one another, but also the silliness that comes with a great group of family and friends coming together to party. That range of emotion is clearly seen in the vows that the couple wrote to each other. No matter how many times you watch it, you will still find yourself getting misty-eyed only to be laughing out loud moments later. And then getting misty-eyed all over again! Not only is that dynamic seen in what Trevor and Allison wrote to each other, but also in the footage that they requested make it in the final cut of their video. They knew they wanted to start with their vows, which is pretty serious (for the most part;) However, they also knew that their bridal party’s reception entrance was a must-have. SPOILER ALERT: definitely not serious. We couldn’t be more happy with how the final product turned out. The ceremony took place at the Whitefield Chapel and the reception was held at the Olde Pink House. Those are definitely two staple locations when it comes to having a classic Savannah wedding and reception.
Congratulations to Allison and Trevor! We hope you guys enjoy this video for many years to come!