2 Reasons Why Savannah Weddings are the Best

/ Savannah, GA

Okay so naturally we’re going to be a little biased about this. Since this is the city we call home, we get to experience its charm every day. However, we feel like the Herrmann’s wedding video highlights a couple reasons why Savannah weddings can’t be beat. The first is that Savannah has an extremely long wedding season. The Spring season probably gets more attention because of the azaleas and St Patricks Day, but our Autumns can be just as gorgeous. It takes a long time for Winter to show up in Savannah and even then it’s pretty mild compared to most of the country. If you’re planning a Savannah wedding or even just planning a trip to visit, remember September to November is just as pleasant as March to May. Maybe that first reason wasn’t quite so obvious if you just watched Shawn and Lauren’s video on its own. However, the second reason is so obvious that it often gets taken for granted. There is simply something beautiful in every direction. The first few establishing shots were taken right outside the hotel window. For a fun comparison, check out Ben and Kristin’s video. Their first look took place in the same square but on a different side, which again just highlights the fact that there is something beautiful in every direction. We had such a fun time shooting Shawn and Lauren’s wedding. The dance floor footage should be evidence enough that this couple is a lot of fun to be around. Congratulations guys!