Tybee Wedding Chapel

/ Tybee Island, GA

Living in Savannah, we don’t get out to Tybee Island as much as we should. It’s such a great beach town that’s only 30 minutes away from the city. Even more surprisingly is that in all our years of filming weddings, this is the first wedding we’ve filmed on Tybee. It was fun to capture another side to the Savannah area. This day turned out beautiful. Most of the day was spent at the Tybee Wedding Chapel. The Tybee Wedding Chapel is a great new wedding venue addition to the island area that’s only popped up in the last couple of years. It not only offers a beautiful chapel, but also an equally wonderful reception hall.

Lorenzo and Ashley were such a well suited couple. Even in the short time that we spent with them it was easy to see how they balanced and complimented each other. It was also easy to see how much Lorenzo cared for Ashley. We could of filmed 100 first looks and he probably would of had the same loving response at every one. Congratulations to you Lorenzo and Ashley. We wish you both the best in life.