Surprise Wediversary at the Mackey House

/ Savannah, GA

“What’s a wediversary” you ask? I’ll get to that in a sec. First a little background. Before I got into the wedding industry I never realized how common it was for couples in the military to have a quick court house wedding before having a big ceremony with all your friends and family. Monica and John were actually our third couple to have done it that way. However, these guys added the best twist ever: they didn’t tell anyone they had gotten married! Outside of some of the vendors, I think Monica’s parents may have been the only other people to know. John and Monica then revealed this information as a surprise in the middle of their ceremony. Everyone was gathered together to celebrate this awesome couple on the correct month and day, but it was really their first anniversary. All of John and Monica’s friends came from all over the country to see the beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Mackey House. This was followed the reception on the Mackey House’s large back porch. Let me tell you, these two families can throw themselves a dance party. We had such a blast. Monica and John, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your wediversary! We hope this video brings you joy for many years to come.